Is Splitting Custody with one Parent Getting Each Child Favored by the Court?

Split custody, where the father takes one child and mother takes the other child, is disfavored by the court.  Even in extenuating circumstances, the court would prefer not to separate siblings.  In “Marriage of Williams,” the father averred that an autistic son was holding back the development of his other son.  The court found that children have a right “to the society and companionship of their siblings” and said that one child’s disability is an unacceptable reason to separate siblings.  Siblings can be separated if both parents agree, but, if there is a dispute, the court will follow its policy to not separate siblings in cases of disability.  Though there may be some circumstances when separation would be justified in the courts eyes, the predominate position is to keep siblings together.  Contact Sagaria Law now to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.