How does the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) Affect Child Support?

California requires that all child support payments ordered to be paid by wage assignment be paid through the SDU.  Garnishments are paid directly to the SDU rather than to the parent receiving child support.  The SDU then distributes the payments to the parent receiving support.  One downside to this for the receiving parent is a processing delay though this is relieved somewhat by the availability of direct deposit or electronic payment cards.  More significantly, the amount of distributions can be affected in cases where more than one child support order is in place since rules limit withholding to half of the support payer’s net pay.  The new SDU system pays this amount out proportionally in such cases rather than paying older support orders first resulting in a proportionally higher payout to new support orders than existed under the old system.  To find out how SDU will affect your child support, contact Sagaria Law today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Family Law attorneys.