How do Emotions Affect Divorce Outcomes?

Divorce is a highly emotional process.  Often one or both spouses will define winning as making the other spouse lose.  This can result in extremely high legal bills as spouses spend thousands of dollars litigating over every last stick of furniture.  Sagaria Law recommends you take a cost-benefit approach to making decisions in your divorce.  Divorce itself is a process of losing a relationship that at one time was important enough to enter into marriage.  Approaching it with the healthiest attitude possible is the first step towards moving on and focusing on more positive things.  Particularly if children are involved, a fight to the death style of divorce can be scarring and cause long term damage.  Even if children aren’t involved, neither parent benefits from a war of the roses.  At Sagaria Law, we will strive to reduce the emotional impact of your divorce, and we have strategies to deal with a former spouse who is trying to make your divorce combative.  Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced, professional attorneys.