How can Sagaria Law help you Handle Issues of Paternity?

We understand that Family Law involves complex and personal matters.  Paternity refers to the legal determination of the biological father of a child, since the biological mother is generally known.  Paternity can be an emotional and contentious issue and can be important not only in custody cases but also in issues such as adoption, inheritance, custody, visitation, health care, and other issues.  A father may contest paternity to avoid child support, while a mother may contest to avoid visitation by a putative father.  Paternity can be established either by DNA test or circumstantial evidence.  For example, a married man is presumed to be the father of the children born in marriage or immediately following a marriage.  Likewise, if a man takes a child into his home and holds himself out to the world to be the father he is assumed to be the father. Sagaria Law prides itself on handling such issues with delicacy and compassion.  If you agreed to a voluntary declaration of paternity and would like it reversed, we can assist you with this.  Likewise, Sagaria can help you compel a DNA test if the father is uncooperative.  The attorneys at Sagaria Law have experience on both sides of these issues.  Call today to schedule an initial consultation so we can go to work for you.