General Family Law Articles & FAQs

Adoption Court Procedures FAQ
Frequently asked questions explaining the involvement of courts and lawyers in the adoption process.
Adoptive Parents FAQ
Frequently asked questions for those who want to adopt a child, including advice for single people and unmarried couples.
Agency Adoptions FAQ
Frequently asked questions that describe the procedures and costs involved when you adopt a child through an agency.
Can You Claim Your Partner as a Dependent on Your Tax Return?
There are five tests you must meet to claim your partner as a tax dependent.
Changing Your Name After Marriage
Choosing a Guardian for Your Children
If you have children, you should choose a personal guardian -- someone to raise them in the unlikely event you can't.
Common Law Marriage FAQ
Consent to Adoption FAQ
Learn whose consent is necessary before a legal adoption can take place.
Costs of Adoption FAQ
Adoptions can cost a bundle. These questions and answers help you weigh the financial aspects of different types of adoptions.
Domestic Partnership Benefits
Learn about the benefits of domestic partnerships -- and whether they may be available to you.
Domestic Violence: Civil Liability FAQ
Information to help you take legal action against your abuser.
Domestic Violence: Taking Action FAQ
Suggestions to help you stop domestic violence.
Establishing and Maintaining a Guardianship FAQ
If Same-Sex Marriage Were Legal
Fast facts to help you decide whether you'd want to pop the question if you could.
International Adoptions FAQ
Frequently asked questions about adopting a child from another country.
Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?
These steps will help you decide whether a prenuptial agreement makes sense for you.
Leaving Property to Young Children
It's easy to arrange for someone to manage any property you leave to young children.
Living Together Contracts
Learn what a living together contract is and whether or not you need one.
Making Medical and Financial Decisions for Your Partner
To allow your partner to take care of things for you if you can't speak for yourself, you must prepare the right legal documents.
Marriage Requirements, Procedures and Ceremonies FAQ
Marriage Rights and Benefits
Learn some of the legal and practical ways that getting married changes your life.
Married Couples: Who Owns What?
Who owns marital property and to whom can they leave it?
Name Changes FAQ
Nature of Guardianship FAQ
Non-Agency Adoptions FAQ
Answers to common questions about independent adoptions.
Open Adoptions FAQ
Frequently asked questions about adoptions where there is some degree of contact between the birthparents, the adoptive parents, and sometimes the adopted child.
Parental Rights for Same-Sex Partners
The legal rights of same-sex parents, from adoption to coparenting to the rights of second parents in the event of a breakup.
Parenting Issues for Unmarried Couples FAQ
Prenuptial Agreements -- An Overview
What you need to know if you're considering a prenuptial, or premarital, agreement.
Property Rights of Unmarried Couples FAQ
Same-Sex Marriage: Developments in the Law
The same-sex marriage battle intensifies: A history of the law and the latest news.
Same-Sex Parenting: When Adoption Isn't Possible
Learn about protections for same-sex parents who are raising a child without the benefits of legal adoption.
State Marriage License and Blood Test Requirements
This chart lists requirements for marriage licenses, state by state.
Stepparent Adoptions FAQ
Most adoptions in the United States are stepparent adoptions. Here are answers to some common concerns about the process.
The Home Study FAQ
All states require adoptive parents to undergo an investigation to make sure they are fit to raise a child. Here's what to expect.
The Return of the Ring
Long after the heartbreak has healed, one nagging question often remains: Who gets to keep the ring?
Types of Adoption
Learn about types of adoption, rules about consent, and how a home study works.
What Is Domestic Violence?
Knowing the definition of domestic violence can help you take action against it.
What You Can (and Can't) Do With a Prenuptial Agreement
Understand what you can accomplish by making a prenuptial contract before you marry.
When Guardianship May Be Necessary FAQ
These frequently asked questions explain when you do -- and don't -- need to seek legal guardianship of a child in your care.
What Should you Look for in a Family Law Attorney? How is confidentiality handled by attorneys? What are the steps necessary for completing a divorce? Must divorce be filed in the state where you were married? What are the residency requirements for a divorce in California? Must there be grounds for divorce? Is spousal support required? How is Child Custody Determined? A San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses How is Child Support Determined? What is the formula for calculating child support in California? Is There a Waiting Period After you File for Divorce? How is the Date of Separation Determined and why is it Important? How does Joint Custody Work? How does Child Support Work in Cases of Joint Physical Custody? Can I Relocate and Maintain my Child Custody? Are you Responsible for Debt Your Spouse Takes on After Separation but Before Entry of Judgment of Dissolution or Legal Separation? What can High Net Worth Individuals do in a Divorce to Protect Their Assets? What Happens if Child Support Payments are not Made? Are Courts Biased Against Fathers in Custody Decisions? Can a Divorcing Spouse Remove a Child to a Different State to Seek More “Favorable” Laws? How does Supervised Visitation Work? Can Child Support Payments be Changed After a Divorce is Final? What Happens to Assets Like a Pension Plan or Business During a Divorce? How does Divorce Affect Taxes? How does the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) Affect Child Support? Must Child Support be Paid Even if you Have no Income? Can you be Reimbursed for Child Support Payments if you Discover it is not Your Child? Can Overdue Child Support be Cancelled if Paternity if you Discover it is not Your Child? Can Depreciation be Deducted from Rental Income in Calculating Child Support Payments? What can you do to Enforce a Judgment for Support? Can Child Support Modifications be Made Retroactive? How does Inheritance Affect Child Support Payments? How is Child Support Affected by a Parent with Extraordinarily High Income? How does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody Awards? Can you Lower Support Payments if you Make a Career Change Resulting in a Lower Income? Can a Support Proceeding Force you to get a job? Is Permission Needed from Both Divorced or Separated Parents for the child to get a Drivers License? How does the Court Calculate Speculative Assets? How does Adultery Affect Divorce? Will the Judge Make Sure my Settlement is Fair? How do Emotions Affect Divorce Outcomes? How can I Limit the Costs of my Divorce? Who Pays Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce? What Should you do if Your Former Spouse is Mishandling Assets you own Together? How does Divorce Affect Estate Planning and Wills? What Assets Should be Disclosed During Divorce and what are the Consequences for Non-disclosure? Will you get Your “Day in Court?” How can you tell What Property is Community Property and Which is Separate Property? Can a Divorce Petition be Simply Ignored? What Happens if the Family Home is in Only one Spouse’s Name? Are you Aware that a Divorce Petition Creates an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO)? Can the Child Testify in a Divorce? Can my Child Have an Attorney in my Divorce? How many Years Must you Live Together to Have a Common Law Marriage? How does the Statute of Limitations Work in Domestic Violence Cases? May a Non-Parent Receive Visitation Rights From the Court? Is Splitting Custody with one Parent Getting Each Child Favored by the Court? If your Former Spouse Begins Cohabitating with Another, is it Grounds to Reduce Spousal Support? How does Child Custody work for Unwed Parents? How does Child Support work in Cases with Unwed Parents? How can Sagaria Law help you Handle Issues of Paternity? What are the Advantages of Legal Separation? What is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce? What are the Benefits of a Pre-Marital or Pre-Nuptial Agreement? What Makes a Valid Pre-Nuptial or Pre-Marital Agreement? What is a Post-Nuptial Agreement? What are Some Reasons Pre-Marital or Post-Marital Agreements are not Enforced? What are the Limits of Getting an Annulment on the Basis of Fraud? What Services Does Sagaria Law Offer to Same-Sex Relationships? How does the Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership Work? How do Same Sex Partners Protect Their Parenting Rights in the case of Divorce? What Rights do Domestic Partners have Under the Law? Who is Eligible to Establish a Domestic Partnership Under California Law? What is Juvenile Dependency? What is Step-Parent Adoption and how Does it Work?