Family Law

Family law is the area of law relating to family relationships. Although the most common family law matter is divorce (known as "dissolution of marriage"), family law also includes paternity proceedings, adoption, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), juvenile dependency, restraining orders, the division of marital property and debts, grandparent visitation, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Our firm represents clients in all of these aspects of family law, and focuses on the unique needs of each client in working toward a fair resolution of their concerns, and avoiding the unnecessary public exposure of private issues. We provide expert counsel in child custody matters, visitation and support issues and pre-nuptial agreements, and also handle post-judgment matters such as modification of spousal support, child support and child custody orders. We are also experienced in working with victims of domestic violence and obtaining restraining orders when appropriate. In all of our family law matters, we make every effort to help alleviate the anxiety that often arises in such proceedings.

Child custody and support are two of the most contentious issues in many divorce proceedings. Our lawyers encourage clients to participate in divorce mediation before looking to courts to resolve disputes regarding the division of property or child custody. Most courts provide court-ordered mediation before any custody-sharing issue is presented in public. Mediation is done without lawyers present, and most families find this service helpful in working out a custody-sharing plan. Parties are not legally obligated to agree with the mediator, however, and the mediator has no judicial power. Whatever route you choose, our lawyers can help you and your spouse settle the division of your property, child and spousal support issues, and will represent you in court to finalize such matters.

Domestic violence exists where, in any relationship between sexual partners, family members, or people who live or have lived together, a person causes bodily injury, sexually assaults, threatens, harasses, destroys the personal property, or disturbs the peace of another. If domestic violence or emotional abuse is occurring or is likely to occur in your family, one of our family law attorneys can help you obtain a "kick-out" or restraining order. A restraining order may direct the named party not to approach the victim or the victim's home, work, or vehicle, and may prohibit any efforts to communicate with the victim, or to transfer money or other property. Time is of the essence when seeking a domestic violence restraining order. In all of our family law matters, we will do all we can to resolve your very personal, often painful, legal matters as quickly and sensitively as possible.