Can you Lower Support Payments if you Make a Career Change Resulting in a Lower Income?

Court decisions on this question have given somewhat conflicting answers.  For example in “Marriage of Ilas,” a supporting spouse left his career as a pharmacist to go to medical school.  Though the court found his career change to be in good faith, he was still required to make support payments at the previous rate.  Contrast with the case “Marriage of Meegan” where a payer’s obligation was terminated when he entered a monastery.  Perhaps distinguishing the two, in the Meegan case, the payee could afford to support herself.  On the other hand, if the court finds that the job change is in bad faith, they will most likely not grant any relief.  Instead, the payer will likely be forced to continue paying at the old rate.  The complexities in this area of law make it essential that you have the advice of a qualified, specialized divorce attorney.  Contact Sagaria Law today to make an appointment for consultation before you make any employment changes that could threaten your financial future with high support payments and a lower paying job.