Can Child Support Payments be Changed After a Divorce is Final?

In many cases yes.  Most commonly a child support modification occurs because of an increase or decrease in income for one of the two parents.  If there is a loss of income from the parent making support payments, a modification may be justified.  Likewise, if a change in where the child lives results in more time spent with the non-custodial parent a modification makes sense.  If the child moves out of jurisdiction and time with the child has been affected, a change in support payments may be in order.  If both parents agree that special religious or educational needs are called for, then the support payment may need to be modified.  If new medical needs or costs arise, a modification may be needed.  If support is paid for multiple children, and one child reaches the age of 18, then support modification is necessary.  (Although if support is paid for two children, and one reaches the age of majority, support will not be halved, since a greater proportion of support is always for the youngest child.)  These are just some of the circumstances calling for modification; call Sagaria Law today to make an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys to learn more.