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Sagaria Family Law is an affordable family law lawyer which specializes as a divorce attorney, child custody attorney, adoption attorney and child support attorney. Our family law attorneys serve families in San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Jose, Northern California, Portland, Oregon, and more. Call or complete our form to schedule a Free Consultation with a family law lawyer at Sagaria Law in San Jose.
Family Law Attorney

Sagaria Family Law is one of the most successful and respected family law lawyers in the Northern California area. If you're seeking a Family Law Attorney in San Jose, a Family Law Attorney in Sacramento, a Family Law Attorney in Santa Clara, or a Family Law Attorney in California, contact Sagaria Family Law. Our focus is to find amicable solutions to cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, domestic abuse, adoption, and more. Call Sagaria Family Law today to schedule a Free Consultation with a family law attorney.

Divorce Lawyers

If you are seeking a Santa Clara Divorce Lawyer, Alameda County Divorce Lawyer, or Sacramento County Divorce Lawyer, concerning any aspect of separation or divorce, Sagaria Law can help you. As leading California divorce lawyers, we deliver not just favorable results in your marital law case, but also compassion and understanding. Call Sagaria Family Law today to schedule a Free Consultation with a local divorce attorney.

Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody and visitation decisions are some of the most important aspects of a divorce or dissolution proceeding. Child custody is often the most difficult aspect of divorce. Child custody cases determine which parent will get custody and establish visitation and if joint custody is applicable. Due to the complex child custody laws in California, hiring an experienced child custody lawyer may determine whether or not you win your case. Call Sagaria Family Law today to schedule a Free Consultation with a California child custody lawyer.

Child Support Attorneys

If you're seeking a Santa Clara County Child Support Attorney, a San Mateo County Child Support Attorney Child support issues are often difficult. That’s why Sagaria Family Law strives to find a positive outcome to your child support case while minimizing stress. Sagaria Family Law's child support attorneys are compassionate and understanding. We'll work hard to ensure your children receive the child support they need. Call Sagaria Law today to schedule a Free Consultation with a Santa Clara Child Support Attorney.

Spousal Support Attorneys

California Spousal Support attorneys In California, when a couple legally separates or becomes divorced, the court may mandate that one person pay the other person a certain amount of financial support every month known as spousal support or alimony. Learn about CA Spousal Support Guidelines by calling Sagaria Family Law and scheduling a Free Consultation.

Adoption Attorneys

Adoption is the legal process that permanently gives the adoptive parents legal parental rights over a child. Our lawyers at Sagaria Law, P.C. understand that an adoption is a happy event that, at times, can be stressful. We provide clients an environment that is supportive of their needs as they work through the adoption process, and we understand that a high degree of sensitivity is critical to the many complex and emotional issues involved with adoption.

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